From Dark to Light (Larry Rubin)

The winds have forgotten all the rules--

September is their month for storm, and yet

August too could bring debacle now.

I used to run into the rain, cry

Havoc to the whirling sea, enact

The etymology of “hurricane,”

No Lear more vocal in his thundered doom.

Now any month could generate my ghost,

Leaving me a ruptured calendar,

Possessor of a solid spring of sky.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Call for Manuscripts: CEA Creative, CEA's New Online Journal of Literary Arts

CEA Creative is the juried online creative writing journal of the College English Association (CEA) , a national organization for teachers of college English.

We are seeking, from active CEA members, creative work in the following areas:
--Poetry (3-5 poems, up to 50 lines total, although some exceptions may be made)

--Fiction (about 5,000 words maximum, although some exceptions may be made)

--Creative non-fiction (about 5,000 words maximum, although some exceptions may be made)

--Drama (about 5,000 words maximum, although some exceptions may be made)

--Photographs and artwork
Please do not submit scholarly or pedagogical works; submit those papers to The CEA Critic or The CEA Forum.

Submission (Deadline is September 30, 2012):
Online submissions only. Please email your manuscript as a MS Word attachment (2007 and earlier version) OR pasted in the body of your submission email.

Include a short bio.

If available, include related photographs and/or artwork, in attached jpeg files. Just make sure that you own the rights to your visuals or have permission to use them, either in their current form or as manipulated/derivative works.

In addition, if you presented at the 2012 conference, include your session title, title of your paper, and date and time of presentation, even if you presented a scholarly or pedagogical paper.

In other words, even if you did not read a creative piece at the conference, you may, as an active CEA member, still submit creative works.

Also, if you did not present or attend the most recent CEA conference, you may still submit, just as long as you are an active member with paid-up dues.

Please do not submit book-length manuscripts.

If you are not an active member of CEA, do not submit to this journal unless you join CEA first.
These submission guidelines are subject to change at any time.

If you have any questions, email the editor.

We look forward to reading your work!

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